The Mission of the Valley Workforce Initiative is to provide education and vocational opportunities to individuals who are facing barriers in accessing life skills, higher education and skill sets that can lead to financial stability and greatly enhancing quality of life. We are focused to provide both educational equity and economic mobility to the residents of the Northern Dauphin and surrounding communities.


The Valley Workforce Initiative will approach their Mission as a two-fold strategy.




1. To create a network of Business Owners and Human Resource professionals thus providing the opportunity to collectively work together. This network is designed to identify gaps of services and needs as well as skill sets to build on the success of the individual companies. The Valley Workforce Initiative provides a location for businesses to be educated by workforce development professionals, host their individual company educational workshops, share their applications and promotional materials for hiring events, participate in career fairs and provide meet and greet opportunities to the public thus promoting their business as they look for candidates to hire.‚Äč


Culture Building Rising Sun Consultants2. To provide a one stop shop of services to individuals giving choices and opportunity to improve their quality of life through mentorship and other support systems. A variety of educational sessions from adult literacy, GED classes, Webinars, Workshops, Apprenticeships as well as vocational supports for job readiness, job coaching and free financial literacy classes will be offered. A job resource directory will be developed, and annual career fairs will provide opportunities to learn of job availability and to meet future employers.

Our Goal

Our next step is to hire a Coordinator to implement empowerment programs and provide supports such as education, mentoring, and vocational programs which will change the course and quality of life for participants and their families.  

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